Rocket Mail? Shaving Robot? What Innovation Would You Like to See in 2012?

Posted by Connie French on Jan 4, 2012 11:46:27 AM

Every year we look forward to reviewing the submissions we receive in our annual video Challenge - and they never disappoint.  They come from all over the world and are created using everything from sophisticated camera equipment and editing software to mobile phones and title cards.  Some of the best videos we've ever seen have been made by Solvers or groups of Solvers with nothing but a Flip camera to capture the passion they feel about solving important problems, in humorous or dramatic ways.

This year's theme, "Unlikely Innovation", is particularly interesting for us.  We know what you can do when given a difficult problem to solve.  Now we're asking you to name the problem you'd like to see solved.  It can be serious or silly, world changing or relevant only to you.  Capture it on film and you could join the ranks of others who have won this Challenge - and have seen their videos published and promoted to their peers.

Need a little inspiration?  Here's a list of interesting innovations proposed over the years, courtesy of Life magazine:

  1. Rocket Mail - send mail from Berlin to New York in 24 minutes with this device.
  2. Self-Saluting Hat - tired of taking the time to tip your hat when the occasion requires?  Here's a hat that will do it for you.
  3. Car Cooker - cook your meal while you drive with a stove that's connected to your car's exhaust pipe.
  4. Mechanical Pea Eating Device - for when eating peas from a fork is too taxing.
  5. Food Storage Suit - a suit of armor that could store enough food for a month.  Under water.
  6. Shaving Robot - this one is just too terrifying to contemplate.  Never trust a robot that won't look you in the eye.

The InnoCentive video Challenge closes on the 13th - don't miss your chance to show us what innovation you'd like to see in 2012!

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