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Posted by Connie French on Feb 9, 2012 1:48:54 PM

We’re very excited to announce that UK-based OmniCompete is now part of the InnoCentive family. Best known for its annual Global Security Challenge, OmniCompete has executed nearly two dozen high-profile Challenges throughout its history in the areas of security, energy, healthcare, and cloud computing.  To introduce OmniCompete to the InnoCentive community, we'd like to let you know about the Morph My City Challenge, managed by our new Grand Challenges team (formerly OmniCompete). In the coming months, we’ll be integrating OmniCompete Challenges and processes into the InnoCentive web site.  For now, you'll need to visit the Challenge landing page and complete a new registration to work on this Challenge.

Urbanization has spread widely in the last decades, as more and more people are moving to cities in pursuit of better career, social and personal opportunities. It is convenient to be closer to work, and to have quick access to all the luxuries, culture and diversity that a city has to offer. At the same time, this massive migration strains the systems that run our cities. Over-crowded transport routes, ancient water systems serving a greater population than could have ever been imagined - with city living, all sorts of problems arise that can have a serious impact on our well being.

Big industry and government organizations have taken action. New cities are being built around the world based on the vision of a clean, liveable and healthy lifestyle, using cutting edge technologies and unique, creative designs. New traffic systems feature well integrated low carbon emitting public options, waste management is focused on recycling and clean disposal and the city is fundamentally designed to make life easy with recreational areas accessible and enjoyable for anyone.

But how do we transform existing cities?

Many are over thousands of years old and are built on very little space, unable to cope with the effects of heavy migration and changing lifestyles.  This leaves not much wiggle room to redesign our living spaces (anyone who has ever tried to find a parking space in Rome or a quiet place in the middle of Manhattan can confirm this).

The Canadian city of Regina has taken to the quest and is asking for your solutions through the Morph My City Challenge.

Regina has all the features of a modern, western city; a traffic system build upon the old outlines of the city, waste management and energy supplies and a framework that was designed for a certain population. The Challenge at hand, called the 2040 Prize, is asking  for step by step plan of how to morph one particular neighbourhood (Rosemont) into a greener, more comfortable and integrated place for its people to live. Teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged, from professionals and amateurs alike. Taking this one step further, Regina is simultaneously running a second Challenge, inviting university teams and young designers to create a sustainable new neighbourhood in a vast imaginary space.  The Greenfield Prize calls for truly creative approaches, with no restriction.

The finalists of the two Challenges will be given the chance to present their plans to the expert judging panel at the National Infrastructure Summit taking place 10-12  September 2012.  The winner of the 2040 Prize will be offered a CND$50,000 contract with the City of Regina, and the Greenfield Prize winner will be awarded CND$10,000.

If you are interested and would like to know more, check out the Morph My City Challenge website or contact us directly.

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