Introducing Brainstorm Challenges (Beta)

Posted by TimOBrien on Feb 10, 2012 3:19:52 PM

BrainstormWe're excited to announce the beta release of a new type of InnoCentive Challenge: the Brainstorm. A Brainstorm Challenge is an open version of the Ideation Challenge – it's an accessible way to quickly tap the global Solver community and get creative, thoughtful ideas about a question or problem you have. For Solvers, it’s an opportunity to participate in an open discussion and collaboratively work toward unique solutions and suggestions. Here are Brainstorms in a nutshell:

  • Any registered Solver can participate in a Brainstorm Challenge, and like every InnoCentive Challenge, it costs nothing to participate
  • All submissions are made in the Challenge’s discussion forum; every post is a submission
  • Solvers retain IP rights to their submissions, while granting a non-exclusive license to the Seeker and to other participating Solvers
  • Brainstorms are posted for a 30-day period
  • Any registered user can create a Brainstorm; all you need is a credit card
  • The cost to post a Brainstorm is $2,000 USD posting fee, plus an award of $500 - $2,000 USD

The Solver experience on will remain familiar with the introduction of Brainstorms. You’ll notice new Brainstorm Challenges appear alongside “Premium” Challenges (traditional Ideation, Theoretical, RTP and eRFP) in the Challenge Center. You’ll also notice a new area under “My IC” where you can create and manage Brainstorms.

How to participate in a Brainstorm

Similar to Premium Challenges, you must sign in or register as a Solver and then sign a Challenge-specific agreement to open a project room.

Once you’ve opened a project room, you’ll see the Challenge overview, details, and an open discussion forum. If you have an idea or solution to contribute, simply post to the discussion forum and include any file attachments – each post counts as a submission.

Brainstorm awards can be split among multiple Solvers, so don’t hesitate to post your unique contribution early – even if someone else builds upon it, you can still be awarded in recognition of your initial contribution. If you have a suggestion that builds upon an existing solution, it’s recommended that you reply to that post rather than create a new post. However, all awards must be $500 or more, so winner takes all with $500 Brainstorm Challenges.

How to create and manage Brainstorms

First, sign in or register. Under “My IC”, you’ll see a new page titled “My Brainstorms (Beta)” and a new “Create a Brainstorm” button. From here you can initiate the Brainstorm creation process and manage existing Brainstorms. Here’s the creation flow:

Screen shot 2012-02-03 at 2.14.16 PM

Note that you create your Brainstorm before you pay. After you’ve formulated the Brainstorm, and are ready to submit it to InnoCentive for approval, you’ll need to fund it – both the posting fee and the award amount. Once approved, your Brainstorm Challenge will be posted for 30 days.  During this time, you can manage your Challenge and participate in the discussion forum with Solvers working on your Challenge.

Let us know what you think!

We’re excited to lower the barrier of entry to create Challenges and query the brilliant and diverse InnoCentive Solver community. As a Solver, you’ll have an even wider array of Challenges to solve, with more transparency than ever before!

Your feedback is crucial in directing further development of Brainstorms. Thoughts, comments, loves, loathes, and meh’s should be sent to

Still have questions? Check out the Brainstorms Resource Center or visit the Brainstorms FAQ.

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