The Most Dangerous Strategy?

Posted by Kevin Mobbs on Feb 21, 2012 9:13:37 AM

Diverse ExpertsThe British politician Benjamin Disraeli once described the most dangerous strategy as 'to jump a chasm in two leaps'. This statement makes intuitive sense, but what do you do when the 'chasm' you need to cross is just too wide?

Solving an industry-wide problem represents a quantum leap and is something that has the power to transform not only applications but also industries. However, achieving such breakthroughs in a single leap is rare indeed. The most logical approach to solving industry-wide problems is to first access diversity – to engage skill sets and expertise not yet applied to the problem at hand.

This approach is employed by the Ideation Challenge Diverse Experts Required: Formulating, Filling & Monitoring. The Seeker organization wishes to engage with people in diverse fields who can apply their creativity and knowledge to any one or more of the facets of their problem:

• Filling Technologies for non-Newtonian matrices
• Formulating or structuring filling materials to meet demanding mechanical specifications
• Monitoring fillings/structures using non-destructive assay technologies.

More contextual, application-relevant information is given within the detailed Challenge description but in this case the context is of low importance. Most important is accessing innovative experts from fields outside the normal scope of the Seeker's industry. The Seeker wishes to invite selected Solvers to an all-expenses paid 2-day workshop in the southern United States where they will brainstorm possible solutions with industry experts and help define the next steps in addressing the Seeker's problem.

So, what does this Challenge require of Solvers? Well, they certainly aren't expected to provide a solution to the problem. What is expected is that they can creatively describe how their skills and expertise could be applied to any one of the above problem facets. A 2-3 sided document is all that is requested.

If you think you can contribute to this problem, and by doing so help lay the foundations of a bridge across this 'chasm', then check out this Challenge! You may get to enjoy an expenses-paid trip to brainstorm with industry experts, and perhaps get the chance to work further with a multinational Seeker organization.

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