Seeker Spotlight: Mom’s Medical Mystery

Posted by Steve Bonadio on Sep 10, 2012 3:20:09 PM

Editor Note: A somewhat different Seeker Spotlight in format, but our latest Challenge, Mom’s Medical Mystery, is important. You may ask why there’s a picture of a child if the Challenge is about the mother. Our Seeker said it best: “I've attached one of the kid's pictures – we typically use these with the project to remind us of the three very important reasons we keep striving for an answer.” To date, more than 1,500 Solvers have been engaged in this Challenge.

In response to our Challenge to crowdsource a medical diagnosis, InnoCentive Solvers have posted 80+ pages of detailed and interesting commentary, all focused on this one patient and dataset.

We have yet to converge on a single diagnosis. We believe that the body of responses, when analyzed in whole, could yield a differential diagnosis, or at least the one or two areas on which to focus our treatment plan.

We would like to encourage InnoCentive’s outstanding Solver Community to take the last few days of our crowdsourcing Challenge and dive deeper – digest the material the community discussion has created, distill it, and generate new hypotheses or focus in on refining the most promising ones that have already been presented.

One suggestion we have received is to consider a medical data mining or visualization approach. We are exploring these options. These collected postings are ripe to be crunched – visualized, analyzed, and structured. We want to subject them to Occam's razor and distill our next steps.

Solvers with skills in visualizing medical data, processing natural language, or detecting subtle patterns could use these approaches as a vehicle for generating a new proposed solution for this Challenge.

We also want to take a moment and thank everyone who has joined us on this Challenge. We look forward to your continued discussion of our case.

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