Product Perspectives: Challenge Activity Statistics Coming to a Challenge Near You

Posted by Steven Telio on May 15, 2013 2:19:21 PM

InnoCentive Challenge Statistics ModuleBefore participating in a Challenge, do you consider how many other people have joined, and try to gauge your chances of winning? Have you ever wondered whether it would be worth your time to sign up for a Challenge and prepare a solution? Are you curious where the other Solvers participating in the Challenge are located?

Solvers, meet the Challenge Statistics module. It provides you with more feedback about participation levels in a Challenge and trends around submissions.

"More feedback" – that is one of the most common requests we have heard from Solvers. You have told us that you crave it. You want more feedback about, and insight into, the Challenges. You may want more information about a specific Challenge. You want feedback so you can make better decisions about where to spend your time. Your most frequent request (by far) is that you want feedback so you can learn and grow.

We want to give Solvers feedback. We want to do it in a way that provides you with valuable information and gives you a reason to stay engaged - either to revisit a particular Challenge, or to submit a solution to a different Challenge. And, we need to do it in a way that scales.

We are now beginning a controlled roll-out of the Challenge Statistics module. This compact widget (see snapshot) will appear alongside selected Challenges, and show three pieces of data about that Challenge:

  • The volume of Solvers joining
  • The trend of Solutions submitted
  • The general location (country) of participants

This is just a first step. We plan on providing more feedback in different areas of the site, in ways that will satisfy your desire for it while doing it in a way that scales. We will be monitoring the participation in Challenges which have the module enabled to determine if it is encouraging or discouraging Solver participation, and to see how these Challenges compare to the average of similar Challenges. And you will see adjustments based on what we hear from you and what we learn.

The Challenge Statistics module contains sparklines representing the number of open project rooms and the number of solutions submitted to a Challenge for each day the Challenge has been open. The module also contains a map with markers in each country representing the volume of Solvers from that country who have opened a project room. In this initial release, there are no numbers on the sparklines nor on the map. Research from Harvard Business School suggests that as the number of participants and submitted solutions increases, the number of new participants in that Challenge will plateau. In other words, if you are considering joining but think that there is too much competition, there will be a tendency to shy away from participation because the chances of winning are slim. For this reason, the sparklines represent the trend of participation, but not an absolute number.

We will be monitoring participation closely, and are very interested in your feedback.

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