Product Perspectives: Registration Updates

Posted by Steven Telio on May 29, 2013 5:07:52 PM

InnoCentive Challenge RegistrationThe registration process on has been modified, and you may be asked to update some of your information the next time you log in. These changes were made to ensure the the Country and State / Province fields are up to date.

By standardizing this information, we are able to provide you with more accurate aggregated feedback about Challenge participation levels.

Two fields on the registration form have been updated:

Country – The list of countries has been updated to conform with the ISO-1366-1 standard. You may be asked to re-select your country of residence; simply choose a new one from the Country drop down list. If you do not see your country of residence listed, that may be because InnoCentive is prohibited from doing transactions with those countries. As a US-based organization, InnoCentive must comply with certain trade restrictions imposed by the United States government.

State / Province – The free-text State/Province field has been replaced with a pre-defined dropdown list. The list of States and Provinces updates dynamically, based on the Country you have selected.

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