I'm a Solver: Nithin Thomas of SQR Systems

Posted by sgibneygomis on Sep 20, 2013 1:20:20 PM

GSC Profile_smallNithin Thomas is CEO of SQR Systems, recent winner of The Global Security Challenge, which brings together innovative startups and industry stakeholders for pitches, panels and networking. SQR Systems was named the winner in the pre-revenue category by the panel of judges. To view the summary of the Summit, please click here.

I am the co-founder and CEO of SQR Systems. I set up the company in late 2010 to commercialise some of the technology I developed during my PhD at the University of Bristol. I was looking at new ways of securely transmitting video data over networks with poor connectivity. When I saw an opportunity commercialise this technology I started SQR Systems with my co-founder, Rockman Law.

Early on in our startup adventure, we realised that our technology could offer a very compelling capability in the defence and security sectors, where surveillance from remote and often hostile locations is very difficult. After partnering with BAE Systems we were able to attract the attention of the UK Ministry of Defence, who have funded us to develop the technology further for military and government applications. Our technology allows video to be transmitted over networks with unpredictable bandwidth and connectivity, while preserving end-to-end security by ensuring the data stays encrypted throughout the transmission process. Every user is able to receive the best possible quality video over their connection.

We are a growing company and have a really energetic team with a blend of youth and experience. Dr. Naventhan Mahadevan and Roderick Hodgson joined the company this year and brought a lot of experience in commercial product development. Admiral Amjad Hussain and Dr. Ray Crispin have also joined our board and brought a great deal of wisdom and experience to the team. We are all driven by a shared vision to build great technology and solve some of the difficult challenges for our customers.

We came to hear of the Global Security Challenge during the early days of the company. There were very few opportunities in our sector for startups and the Global Security Challenge was a really exciting platform where startups working on security technologies were able to showcase their ideas in front of a high profile audience. After attending the event in 2011 and really enjoying the experience at the event, we decided to compete in the event in 2013, when it was re-launched.

I found the application process very useful and it got me thinking of areas of the business that are easy to ignore amidst the excitement of building a technology startup. The pitch was also a valuable experience to focus me on the absolute essentials of the business. The feedback from the judges, who are leaders in their field was very valuable and being able to compete with some of the other startups from around the world was a great experience.


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