Lion's Den Challenge Launch & Case Study

Posted by sgibneygomis on Oct 1, 2013 6:49:14 AM

lionYesterday evening, the 7th annual Lion’s Den Programme was launched at King’s College London (KCL). Now in our third year of partnership, InnoCentive has been privileged to contribute to this KCL initiative that challenges students and staff to consider entrepreneurship as a career path. Through a series of workshop, we teach business basics, and by the end of the Programme, teams pitch their business concepts. Lion’s Den Champion Michael Hill-King, Director of Partnerships & Consultancy at King’s, described it best when he said:

“Lion’s Den is about taking an entrepreneurial view of the world. It’s about thinking more openly, about thinking differently and above all, about finding a way forwards. Lion’s Den takes people on a journey from knowing nothing about real business to standing in front of live judges and pitching a business plan with confidence.”

In line with the launch of this year’s program, we have also just published as case study on the Lion’s Den Challenge, providing further insight into the foundations of the challenge and some of the success stories it has produced. A concise read, the case study sheds lights on how challenges such as Lion’s Den can be used to incentivize students to expand the way they think about their careers, and how business plan competitions can be developed to provide even more value.

At yesterday’s launch, budding entrepreneurs and potential mentors heard about the Lion’s Den experience first-hand from 2012-2013 winner Sitali Mushemi-Blake and 2012-2013 finalist Sam Gibbons Frendo. King’s Answers’ Dale Cooper outlined the World Questions | King’s Answers campaign and it’s relation to the Lion’s Den Answers stream of the challenge.

More information about this year’s Programme can be found online or by contacting the team. Brief highlights below:

The 2013-2014 Lion’s Den Programme consists of 2 streams, namely:

  1. The Lion’s Den Challenge is the business challenge, aiming to transfer and develop research ideas into successful business plans, and to bring together research and business to create successful ventures.

Prizes: £10,000 for best idea; £1,000 for best pitch

  1. World Questions | Lion’s Den Answers asks a specific question related to the aims of the World Questions | King’s Answers Campaign. This year’s question focuses on leadership in social enterprise.

Prize: £1,000 for best idea

We look forward to seeing what kind of business ideas come forward this year. If the launch event is anything to go by, there are already some strong contenders!

Authored by Siobhán Gibney Gomis, Director of Business Development at InnoCentive


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