12 Good Reads on Crowdsourcing

Posted by jartese on Jan 22, 2014 2:37:03 PM

by Stefan Lindegaard

As I am preparing for my upcoming webinar on The Power of The Crowd together with InnoCentive, I found some great reads on crowdsourcing that I would like to share with you.

Five Predictions for Crowdsourcing in 2014 by Eyaka’s Francois Petavy – One of the leading minds within the crowdsourcing community shares his predictions. Quite interesting although I do not buy fully into the first one prediction, which is that “managers will need crowdsourcing on their resume”.

Crowdsourcing goes to Hollywood as Amazon makes movies – Amazon Studios uses crowdsourcing to get feedback and avoid “big bombs”. Will this new trend spread to all of Hollywood? Get more facts on the Amazon approach in this article: Amazon Goes Hollywood

NASA’s Crowdsourcing Journey – Some lessons on how NASA engages with crowdsourcing. You should also check out InnoCentive’s quite extensive resource center with webinars and white papers. The NASA webinar should be there shortly.

Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing in the Public Sector – A post from 15inno, which shares a list of good reads related to open innovation and crowdsourcing in the public sector.

Crowdsourcing is Overtaking Outsourcing – Vivek Wadhwa, a professor and former entrepreneur, shares his personal insights as he explains how crowdsourcing is becoming more and more relevant for all of us.

How Enterprises Uses Crowdsourcing – Here we get the results of a survey that looked into how companies use crowdsourcing (in this case for big data). Among other information, we get insights into the top industries using the platform, the crowd’s favorite tasks, and daily activity stats, among other information.

Starbucks Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary of My Starbucks Idea – Check the nice infographic on the highlights of the platform – and don’t forget that the conversations and marketing effects that follow crowdsourcing can be just as important as the innovation outcomes.

Crowdsourcing by Wikipedia – if you need to know the basics and the history of crowdsourcing.

Four Approaches to Crowdsourcing (for Governments) – An article that builds on Dr. Daren Brabham’s work including the four approaches of 1) Knowledge Discovery and Management, 2) Distributed Human Intelligence Tasking, 3) Broadcast Search and 4) Peer-Vetted Creative Production

40 Examples of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing – This is one of my own posts with lots of links to open innovation and crowdsourcing initiatives.

Is Crowdsourcing just for show? – Don’t forget that ideas are worthless without execution and implementation.

To End 2013, Some Stats From The Crowdsourcing Timeline - Yannig Roth shares some highlights from an interesting initiative in which he maps the crowdsourcing initiatives by leading, global brands.

You should also check out these resources related to the crowdsourcing community:

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding – The Industry Website

Crowdsourcing Week – Global Crowdsourcing Conference

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