Patient Support – The New Class of Medication

Posted by jartese on Feb 27, 2014 2:21:05 PM

From Magic Pill to a Holistic approach

There was a time when health care providers tended to offer little support outside of ‘Take one tablet three-times a day before meals & come back to see me in 2 weeks if things don’t improve!” The widespread realization that offering additional services and support to patients both increases their engagement and compliance with therapies and ultimately improves outcomes means that, happily, those days are gone.

A range of approaches such as education about the disease process and positive visualization, assistance in gaining reimbursement, formation of patient networks, gamification of therapy or disease monitoring all have established places in the therapeutic arsenals of health care providers.

Support services are commonplace for high-mortality diseases, such as cancers, but less so for chronic or recurrent diseases. This may be due to the perceived burden on healthcare providers who can steer patients toward these resources – a focus on the ‘more serious’ diseases with immediate needs is kind of natural.

‘Being Itchy’ & Much More

Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin that can be irritating and painful as well impacting mobility and damaging the patient’s confidence and self-image. Up to 4% of the population is affected by psoriasis and a wide range of genetic, lifestyle and environmental elements can influence the severity of symptoms and frequency of episodes.

So How Can We Help?

Many of you will have friends and family affected by psoriasis, or be a sufferer yourself – how could health care providers better support their therapy through provision of support or services?

The Current InnoCentive Challenge Creating Stellar Support Services for Psoriasis Patients requests your Ideas and insights regarding novel support services for psoriasis patients. You don’t need to formulate a lengthy proposal – just submit your ideas, concepts and insights!

The goal of the Seeker is to create a patient experience that is rewarding and offers patients more than just hope. At the same time it is important to acknowledge the resource and time burdens on health care providers. Your creativity is welcomed, but please do consider practicalities.

We look forward to your suggestions!

Contribute to the Challenge here & help shape future therapy strategies for psoriasis patients!

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