Innovative Products: The Ongoing Lay's Potato Chip Contest

Posted by Sean Carmichael on Sep 12, 2014 9:07:51 AM

Lays Chips Lay's started an innovative contest, asking customers to submit their own ideas for different potato chip flavors that the company should produce.

One of the innovative products of the year is certainly going to be Lay's Potato Chips and the wacky flavors that they came up with. Rather that should be phrased "the wacky flavors that their customers came up with". Lay's opened up a contest by which customers could submit their own ideas for different potato chip flavors that they company should produce. There was no lack of inspiration, and it helped the company launch four new flavors that are still currently on sale.

Let The Voting Begin

A nice innovation that Lay's has incorporated into this whole chip idea is the ability for customers to vote on which flavor they liked the best and as a result save that flavor from being eliminated from the shelves. From Lay's press released on the topic on,

From July 28 through October 18, 2014, consumers may vote once each day for their favorite finalist flavor on; via Twitter, Instagram and/or Vine using the hashtags #SaveCappuccino, #SaveBaconMac, #SaveWasabi or #SaveMango;...

This encourages more customers to literally purchase all four flavors just to see which one they really like the best.

Keeping It Interesting

Many have speculated that one of the innovations of Lay's in this particular contest was to include a flavor that most people would not be interested in eating (cappuccino). The reason is because it could help serve as something that will keep people talking regardless. This could well be a great strategy for them as they are able to sit back and enjoy the extra attention they receive simply from people talking about how terrible cappuccino chips sound.

Evolving To Meet New Tastes

One of the interesting additions to the chip contest is the Bacon Mac N Cheese flavor. This is a great choice for the Lay's company because they are able to rely on the use of some popular flavors to create something that people are likely to love. Bacon is very popular right now, and including this in the mix of flavors was very likely to produce strong results in terms of sales.

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