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Posted by Sean Carmichael on Nov 25, 2014 3:29:38 PM

The vast majority of healthcare companies focus their efforts towards finding new treatments and techniques that help extend life for patients around the world. But is there enough consideration given to enhancing the quality of life? Despite huge healthcare advances in the last century, sensory and physical mobility issues still prevent huge portions of the population from living life to the fullest. This is where Whole You™ comes in: a brand new healthcare innovation company focused on quality of life.  Whole You™ is developing and bringing to market a wide range of healthcare innovations that will help people get more out of life.

Whole You™ Living Lab represents a novel approach to R&D.  The team is leveraging an extensive network of partners and collaborators along with their parent company’s (Mitsui Chemicals) deep experience in materials science to develop cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare challenges of the twenty-first century. Central to this development is the theme of collaboration: the Living Lab aims to solve sensory and mobility challenges by bringing together a wide range of people and perspectives including: patients, health professionals, designers, academics and other key stakeholders. This diversity of perspectives fosters and encourages unexpected and life-changing breakthroughs.

To highlight this dedication to collaboration, Whole You™ has launched two open innovation Challenges with InnoCentive; each tackling a sensory issue that will help people get more out of life.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea ChallengeThe first Challenge focuses on the issue of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): a disorder which causes sufferers to stop breathing throughout the night, thus waking up repeatedly. Regular use of oral appliances can be an effective treatment, however the treatment does not work if the device is not used regularly. Whole You™ is looking for ideas to improve the usage of devices to ensure that their full benefits can be realized. Could this be realized through gamification, online communities and leader boards, or rewards associated with wearing the device? All ideas that could generate increased OSA device usage are welcome.

Eye Care and Vison ChallengeThe second Challenge centers on eye care and vison. Eye care isn’t just important for our vision; it’s crucial for our overall health. Whole You™ is looking for ways to promote greater attention to vision and eye health.  In particular, this Challenge seeks ideas for additional services that eye health providers could offer to encourage more patient engagement opportunities which in turn would allow for more of a focus on health promotion. Eyestrain treatments; eye cleaning; vision exercises; mobile apps; advanced treatments for specialist job requirements. All are potential avenues. Whole You™ wants your ideas on how to encourage important behavioural changes towards eye and vision care

As ideation Challenges, both offer guaranteed award funds of $15,000.  Whole You™ aims to push the boundaries of senses and mobility and is dedicated to developing innovations that will help us all get more out of life: see more, hear more, taste more, feel more, do more. Check these challenges out, and help Whole You™ unlock human potential.  More information about Whole You™ can be found at www.whole-you.com.

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