Crowdsourced Solutions Used To Help Victims In Africa

Posted by Sean Carmichael on Jan 7, 2015 2:34:04 PM

Crowdsourced solutions to pressing healthcare problems can bring hope and help to those in need. 

The violence in certain regions of Africa has left numerous victims in its wake. Even innocent individuals are often caught in the crossfire. That was what happened to Daniel Omar when he was just 14 years old. He lost an arm as a result of the violence that has erupted in his country. In the end, Daniel's story ended up being one touched by crowdsourced solutions.

How A Lab In California Changed Daniel's Life

California is a long way from Sudan, but the hearts of the people in one California research lab went out to the people like Daniel. The appropriately named "Not Impossible Labs" is a lab that relies on open innovation and crowdsourcing to find solutions to the pressing healthcare challenges that our planet faces. explains more about what this lab is,

Ebeling is co-founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, a California, U.S.-based research firm that aims to tackle daunting healthcare challenges using low-cost technology, and open-source methods.

3-D Prosthetics Returned Some Normalcy To Daniel's Life 

Being open to new ideas and crowdsourcing solutions allowed for Not Impossible Labs to create the world's first 3-D prosthetics lab and training facility. People in the South Sudan villages are flocking to the lab. They want to learn the skills to print up more limbs for their fellow countrymen who have lost them. So far, the lab prints out an arm per week and has alleviated a lot of suffering in the region.

An Overwhelming Support For Humanity

The overarching goal of this lab and others like it is to help those who are trapped in unfortunate situations. A great impact of crowdsourcing is that it so often helps to impact human kind in positive ways. Giant world problems that seemed impossible to solve in the past are now being tackled by crowdsourcing solutions.


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