Crowdsourcing is the New Black

Posted by Sean Carmichael on Jan 16, 2015 9:28:55 AM

Crowdsourcing is the New Black Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding has changed the way creatives bring their work to the masses.

Crowdsourcing has changed the way many start-ups, indie artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers seek to bring their works to the masses. And why shouldn't it change the landscape for such endeavors? Crowdsourcing is one of the most innovative new means of bringing talent formerly unnoticed or underfunded.

While crowdsourcing has become a go-to source of funding it is also something that like most things, now has abusers of the services. These cynical abusers of crowdsourcing either put up campaigns where they have no intention of following through, essentially defrauding the backers, or abusers who put up nonsensical campaigns that erode and take away from the hard working creatives seeking the funding to bring their creations to the masses.

So how do we continue to keep crowdsourcing as "the new black"? Easy, with integrity, strategy and planning. Anyone considering a crowdsource campaign needs to conduct due diligence and make a realistic strategy to get the product, app, or whatever it may be into production or through the creative stage. Crowdsourcing remains the new black as long as it remains a bona fide way of supporting up and comers and genuine creatives with drive, ambition and unappreciated talent.

Yes, when any campaign begins, it goes up against many well known participants, with contemporary examples being crowdsource campaigns for movies by Spike Lee and Zach Braff. It is too easy to become bitter and claim they are taking money away from the indies who need the funding. But this is not the case. The Spike Lees and Zach Braffs are using a new method of turning their talents into films or whatever, and that only benefits all.

Keep crowdsourcing viable and make a business plan for your campaign. ask yourself, "what is our mission statement?" and write it down. When you are in doubt of anything in the creation of the campaign, simply go back to that mission statement, and if what you are stuck on does not jibe with the mission statement, use it to change and rewrite that part of the strategy for the campaign. And above all else, live up to your word. Deliver the product the backers have spent money to bring to life. Give frequent updates on the campaign updates page. I have run two successful crowdsource campaigns, and yes, they are the new black, but they are work. Work requires more than effort. It requires integrity and motivation. Keep those in the crowdsource platform and it is a guarantee that crowdsourcing will remain "the new black" for years to come.

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