Wine that causes no hangover is an innovation for the ages

Posted by Sean Carmichael on Apr 9, 2015 2:18:18 PM

Scientists are working on an innovative way to produce wine with more resveratrol in it, which is the naturally occurring substance in red grapes that can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Wine, in moderation, is already known to be good for you. Now, according to Medical Daily, a group of researchers at the University of Illinois is using modern science to make wine and perhaps other adult beverages even better.

Scientists have found a way to alter the genetic structure of yeast, crucial for the fermentation of wine, as well as beer and bread. Hitherto, this has been difficult because, if one were to alter one gene of yeast, a self-corrective property of the unaltered genes would reverse that alternation. The researchers now believe that they have overcome that problem. It opens up all sorts of possibilities.

One could produce wine that has more resveratrol in it. Resveratrol naturally occurs in red grapes and is thought by some scientists to promote heart health and prevents blood clots that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Some have maintained that resveratrol can lead to a longer lifespan, though recent research has placed that supposition in doubt.

The second thing that scientists would like to do is to reduce the toxins that lead to a hangover. Should this innovation happen, one can not only enjoy the fruit of the vine but also not suffer as much as a result the next day.

The development of the new and improved wine is still in the early stages. So one should not expect to see it on the shelves for some time yet. One factor that such a product may have to overcome is the tendency of wine lovers to be purists. But one suspects that a market will exist for “super wine” or whatever it will get called.

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