A razor that uses a laser is an innovative product indeed

Posted by Sean Carmichael on Oct 30, 2015 9:37:47 AM

 While it sounds like something Dr. Evil invented, the laser razor is tuned to destroy hair, not skin.

Ever since people started shaving using sea shells back in ancient times, people have been in search of the perfect razor blade that will cut hair and leave the skin smooth and unmolested. The art of shaving has not greatly changed throughout the centuries, despite the invention of the safety razor and various other innovations. Shaving involves passing a sharp blade across the skin to cut the hair off.

However, according to ZME Science, a company called Morgan Gustavsson MBBS has developed an innovative product called the Skarp Laser Razor that promises to bring shaving into the 21st century, The Skarp does not use a blade, but rather a laser beam to cut hair off of the face or some other part of the body.

At first glance, the Skarp sounds like something Dr. Evil might have created as a torture implement (This is a razor with a fricking laser beam on it.) How does one use such a thing without slicing off one’s skin?

Fortunately, one does not have to be a Jedi master to use the Skarp, The laser is tuned to destroy chromophore molecules found in all types of hair. Thus it can be used in safety.

The company is going through a round of crowdfunding investment using Kickstarter. When the Skarp is available, it will have a steep price, between $159 and $189. However, since the laser razor has a 50,000-hour operating life, the Skarp will soon pay for itself. The first preorders are due to be shipped in March 2016.

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