Top Idea Generation Ideas: Three Tips

Posted by Sean Carmichael on Nov 6, 2015 9:32:42 AM

 Idea generation is at the core of your company's success, so you need to develop strategies for making it happen.

Your idea generation is at the core of your company's success and your individual success. Here are three ideas that you may not have thought would help generate ideas, but Fortune 500 companies regularly use these techniques.

Take Rest Consistently.

Top companies from Google to Facebook give their employees the ability to stretch at their desk at least once every 20 minutes. These companies are consistently among the most productive companies in the world year after year.

The body is not made to provide stable productivity for eight hours in a row. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you have to perform this way. Move with the natural flow of your body and rest when you need to rest!

Crowdsource Your Idea Generation.

One of the cheapest ways to get your next million dollar idea is to let others build on it through the proper crowdsourcing platform. Create a challenge for an up-and-comer to cut his teeth on. Make sure the best ideas receive recognition and status, either through a prize or through public acknowledgment. The volume of ideas that you will receive may surprise you.

Use the Minimum Value Proposition.

Many people fear moving ideas forward because of the R&D time it takes to test an idea. Lean start-up philosophy tells us to use the minimum value proposition to test ideas. In short, your beta test is the bare minimum that you can present in a functional way to an audience. Your audience then gives you the critiques so that you can move forward with more confidence.

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