How Businesses Use Crowdsourcing to Disrupt and Avoid Disruption

How the U.S. Government is Conquering Open Innovation

Budgets Don’t Cripple Innovation, Poor Investing Does.

InnoCentive and DTEK Partner to Bring New Energy Solutions and Technology Through Open Innovation

Myths Surrounding Open Innovation – What is the Truth?

How Open Innovation is Helping to Fight Climate Change

InnoCentive Helps Bureau of Reclamation Find Solutions to Another Key Issue

Enel and InnoCentive are Seeking Clean and Affordable Energy Solutions Through SDG #7

How to Create a Comprehensive Open Innovation Strategy

The Top Reasons Why Innovation Fails

Empowering Employees to Think More Creatively and Act as Innovators

Predicting Future Temperatures and Precipitation Just Became Easier

Finding and Accelerating Solutions to the U.S. Public Sector

New Innovations in Sign Language Resources Are Created by the Crowd

Habits of the Most Innovative People

6 Takeaways from the 2018 Global Innovation Index Report

What We Can Learn From Accidental R&D Discoveries

Taking Action on Climate Change with Enel and InnoCentive

Crowdsourcing in History. It Goes Back Earlier Than You Think!

How Crowdsourcing is Changing Every Facet of Society

Crowdsourcing Holds the Potential to Rapidly Advance the U.S. Energy Industry

Enel and InnoCentive are Pursuing Responsible Consumption & Production through SDG # 12

Enel and InnoCentive Aid in UN SDG # 9: Focusing on resilient Infrastructure, Sustainable Industrialization and Innovation

How Enel and InnoCentive are Improving Lives While Making Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Through SDG # 11

4 Simple, Yet Powerful Benefits of Crowdsourced Solutions

Stop Trying to Innovate in an Echo Chamber

The Gig Economy is Driving Innovation. Will You Take the Wheel?

Questions You Should Ask Crowdsourcing Platforms

How Businesses Can Encourage Employee Innovation

Enel and InnoCentive Seek Solvers for Challenges Regarding UN SDG #6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Challenge Driven Innovation is Not Outsourcing – You Need a Caddie

The True ROI Potential of Open Innovation

The Danger of Innovating in a Bubble

Meet Enel, InnoCentive’s Innovation and Sustainability Partner

The Winners of the Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge Have Been Announced

How to Attract the Brightest Innovative Minds to Your R&D Department

The Problem with Being too Agreeable

An Inside Look at How NASA Broke Out of its Innovation Shell

One Challenge. Seven Solutions for InnoCentive’s Partner.

InnoCentive Helps Innovate New Treatments for ALS

The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) and InnoCentive Announce Award Recipients in the Challenge for Novel Green Preservatives

When R&D Departments Hit a Wall, What are the Innovation Opportunities?

Do Bigger Budgets Lead to More R&D Success?

Do Patents Disrupt or Decelerate Innovation?

Are There Rules of Innovation Success?

The Myth of Left and Right-Minded People

Study at NASA Reveals the Largest Hurdle to Open Innovation

The Science Behind Creativity: Why Are Some People Creative?

5 Personal and Organizational Traits that Prevent Innovative Thinking

When Saying “I Don’t Know” is an Innovative Answer

Watch InnoCentive Executive Chairman, Craig Jones Speak at #EnelFocusOn

Enel and InnoCentive Join Forces Through Open Innovation on Path to Achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

InnoCentive to Attend #EnelFocusOn in San Francisco

Which Department Should be Driving Open Innovation?

Degrees of Openness

The Different Types of Innovation and How to Pursue Them

The Quadruple Helix Model of Open Innovation

2017 in Review: 8 Top InnoCentive Challenges

Startups, Venture Funds & Automakers: Creating an Innovation Ecosystem

How Can Open Innovation Complement Agile?

Overcoming Corporate Cultural Barriers to Adopting Open Innovation

5 Examples of Companies Innovating with Crowdsourcing

How Crowdsourcing is Changing Education

The Future of Open Innovation

Project Management Considerations for the Open Organization

How to Create an Open Innovation Culture: Act Like a Venture Capitalist

5 TED Talks for Creating a Culture of Innovation

Recent Innovation in the Energy Sector: Solar & Wind

Why Open Innovation Makes Sense

The Living Labs Driving Open Innovation in the Public Sector

The Need for Open Innovation in the Automotive Industry

Competitive Advantage Through Open Innovation: Insights from Absorptive Capacity Theory

Open Trends: A Year of Developments

Should You Have an Innovation Department?

5 Examples of Crowdsourcing in the Financial Sector

Customer Co-Creation: How Producers Can Benefit From Their Customers’ Creativity

Defining Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, and Crowdsourced Innovation

The Extent & Form of Open Innovation Today

InnoCentive Partners with bauma Open Innovation to Solve Challenges in the Construction Industry

Pharma, Digital Technology and Patient Centricity

US Government Taps the Crowd to Help Ensure Habitat Connectivity for Fish

$500,000 NIH Follow that Cell Challenge Concludes

Tips for Selecting External Crowdsourcing Providers

How Crowdsourcing Can Advance Drug Development

Seeker Spotlight: The MasterCard Foundation

Seeker Spotlight: The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council

Seeker Spotlight: NHS England

Lumina Foundation Announces LIFTed Prize 2017

Why General Fusion Sought the Power of the Crowd to Solve Three Key Problems

ISPIM announces second Grand Prize for Excellence in Innovation Management

Seeker Spotlight: The Nature Conservancy

America Makes Announce Winners of Smart Structure Challenge

Four Challenges Completed in Elanco’s Grand Challenge Program

Crowdsourced Innovation is Supercharging the Energy Industry

Motivated by More than Money: Why Solvers Solve

Seeker Spotlight: Elanco

Open Innovation: An Event or System?

Elanco’s Grand Challenge Program: Alternatives to Animal Antibiotics

Availability Bias, Diversity and the Crowd

Crystallised Challenges – Some Favorites From Our Fifteen Years

Open: The Rising Prefix

Open Innovation – Evolving from the Exotic to the Everyday

Paper Products and Packaging: a Nexus for Open Innovation

MCA Groupe Solver Spotlight

Fatbergs, Fuel Cylinders and Fusion Energy: How Crowdsourcing is Changing Innovation in Engineering

Think slow, innovate fast

Changing your perspective – three ways to adapt your thinking and improve your Open Innovation outcomes

Royal Society of Chemistry - InnoCentive Partnership

A Globalised Solver Network to meet the Challenges of the 21st Century

The Power of Showcase Challenges – Lion’s Den and Beyond

The Diverse Uses of Crowdsourcing Competitions

Social Ventures’ Role in Reaching Goal 2025: Lumina Foundation’s Social Innovation Prize for Postsecondary Learning

AstraZeneca’s Open Innovation team wins 2015 CEO Award for Scientific Leadership

Seeker Spotlight: America Makes

An Innovative Product that Detects Cancer from Human Breath

An innovative method of organic weeding using a sand blaster

Using 3D printers for innovation problem solving in the Middle East refugee crisis

An innovative product that earthquake proofs buildings using ancient Japanese building techniques

An innovation in clearing space junk developed in China

A cheap, simple, and cleaner desalination innovation

Conquer Paralysis Now at the world's fourth-oldest university

Top Idea Generation Ideas: Three Tips

A razor that uses a laser is an innovative product indeed

3D Printed guides for regrowing nerves is an innovative product that could allow the paralyzed to walk

Now a wearable innovation collects data on football player performance in real time

Five Challenges to drive innovations in Renewable Energy

How an innovation in magnets could make nuclear fusion power a reality

Innovation Management's 5 Must-Haves

An Innovation that Increases Food Production by Hacking Photosynthesis

Graphene filament lights are an innovation that could create photonic circuits

Seeker Spotlight - Votem: Join the Mobile Voting Revolution

The Thomson Reuters/CodeX 2015 Legal Tech Open Innovation Challenge – Docket Analytics

Energy from Wi-fi Signals May Speed IoT Technology & Innovation

The SUDEP Institute Challenge: Seeker Spotlight

An innovation that allows the deaf to 'feel' sounds

How a Simple Innovation Could Help People See in the Dark

Seeker Spotlight: The MasterCard Foundation

An Innovation Could Use a Protein to Use the Body's Immune System to Kill Cancer

Jeff Bezos is facing an innovation challenge by going into the space tourism business

RoCKIn2015: the pinnacle of one of the premier European robotics projects

Seeker Spotlight: UKWIR - Steve Whipp

Seeker Spotlight: General Fusion

The Trial & Error Prize (CPN Challenge)

Wine that causes no hangover is an innovation for the ages

UBS Optimus Foundation WASH Away Mobile Game Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: Professor Norman Saunders

Using the "Crowd" in Innovative Problem Solving

Crowdsourced Innovations Help Develop Innovative Products

Empower Employees By Crowdsourcing Decisions

An Innovative Company that Knows its Market

Strategies For Innovative Idea Generation Through Crowdsourcing

All Children Reading: Getting Books Into the Hands of Learners: The Tracking and Tracing Books Global Prize

Conquer Paralysis Now comes to King's College London

Seeker Spotlight: Conquer Paralysis Now

Seeker Spotlight: Whole You™ Challenges

Crowdsourcing is the New Black

A Crowdsourcing Lab Places Environmental Health Data - and Impacts - into Local Hands

Crowdsourcing R&D and marketing decisions in the healthcare industry

3 Reasons Why Crowdsourcing is Perfect for your Business

"I Think, Therefore I Am": Thoughts, Words, Images and Idea Management

Crowdsourced Solutions Used To Help Victims In Africa

Partnering for Cures

Conquer Paralysis Now

Whole You™Healthcare Innovations – Challenges to help unlock human potential.

An Idea Management System Will Encourage All Employees To Not Hide Behind Their Creativity

Seeker Spotlight: ASpIRE – IARPA Automatic Speech recognition In Reverberant Environments Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: NIH Single Cell Analysis Program

How Crowdsourced Solutions Created a Website's Logo

Innovative Companies Use These Strategies

Why Open Innovation is Essential to Business Success?

Innovative Products: The Ongoing Lay's Potato Chip Contest

Prize competitions for crowdsourced solutions

Crowdsourcing and Lean: A Perfect Pair

Have A Seat, Enjoy a Crowdsourcing Recharge

Starting idea management: Sometimes it takes an outside perspective (08/07/14)

How An Innovation Challenge Can Bring About Great Ideas

The Economist-Lumina Foundation Challenge: Fewer Degrees of Separation – Bridging the Gap Between the Workforce and Higher Education

REACT program and the origin of its Challenge

A Safe Approach to Open Innovation for Big Companies

Was Gamification Only a Fad?

Why The Best Innovators Should Think as Losers!

Brainstorming Sessions: Why They Come up Short and How to Fix Them

The Danger of Drive: Don’t Go Too Fast With Innovation Initiatives

Seeker Spotlight: Caring for Carcinoid Foundation

Seeker Spotlight: INSTINCT Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: EuRoC

A Bad Start on Challenge Driven Innovation: Transport for London

The Paradox of Common Sense in Innovation

Crowdsourced Solutions That Are Out of This World

How Silicon Valley Disrupts and Innovates: A 7-Step Guide to Innovation Culture

How to Innovate through Gamification

General Mills Innovation Challenges Net Success

Crowdsourcing Solutions in Surprising Places: Innovation Challenges in the Public Sector

9 Important Messages on Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

Lion’s Den Challenge Grand Final 2014

Crowdsourcing with LEGO: Marketing or Innovation?

Seeker Spotlight: “Crowdsourcing on what are the new sources of ICT-enabled growth and jobs to take into consideration in the follow-up to the Digital Agenda for Europe”

Patient Support – The New Class of Medication

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development

Crowdsourcing, Genes and Games: Tools for Innovation

9 Insights on Crowdsourcing from CoDev 2014

5 Big Companies that Run Like Startups

Amazon and the Power of the Crowd

An Open Innovation Approach That Works! – Want, Find, Get, Manage

Google's 9 Principles of Innovation - Open Innovation Through Culture

12 Good Reads on Crowdsourcing

29 Questions with the NASA CEOCI Team: InnoCentive/NASA January 14, 2014 Webinar

9 Early Pioneers in Crowdsourcing

5 Steps for a Better Innovation Culture through Experimentation and Failure

InnoCentive Challenge Outcome - Mechanisms to Enhance Solver Collaboration & Teamwork

Cincinnati Innovates Announces $10,000 Water Sensor Challenge Winners

LEGO and the Power of the Crowd

NASA's Crowdsourcing Journey

The Magic Of Internal Collaboration

Innovation In Unlikely Places

Innovation by Competition: How Challenges and Competition Get the Most Out of the Crowd

Seeker Spotlight: Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)

5 Industries That Should be Using Big Data

Seeker Spotlight: UCB Innovation Challenge

Dow Chemical Engages Crowdsourcing as a Marketing Tool

7 Key Features of Social Business Software

Seeker Spotlight: Environmental Protection Agency - Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century

Fueled by Prize Competitions, Bio-Adhesive Alliance Team Creating Bio-Based Ashphalt

AutoDesk's Open Innovation Fueled Keynote: The Answer is Outside

Avoid the Cubefarm: 5 Office Design Tips to Promote Collaboration

6 Ways to Kill Innovation

The People Side of Innovation

Open Innovation: A 21st Century Phrase With Power

What Big Data Can Tell Us About Shopping Habits

InnoCentive Launches Accelerated Challenges

Seeker Spotlight: Dow Chemical's Oil Sol Challenge

Shaping the Future of Online Interaction

Crowd discussions at Cass

Nasa Crowdsourcing Data to Help Grow Plants on the Moon

Innovation and the Missing Link to Renewable Energy

The Impact of Crowdsourcing on Typhoon Haiyan Response

Innovation in Cannes

6 Steps Towards Building a Culture of Open Innovation

8 Differences Between Traditional and Collaborative Leaders

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Crowdsourced Solutions

3 Quick Reasons to Ask Questions When Problem Solving

Apple Turning to Crowdsourcing to Make Siri Better?

US Army Experiments With Crowdsourcing Equipment Design

5 Innovation Challenges Poised to Make a Difference

5 Mobile Apps Fueled by Crowdsourcing

Internal Collaboration Across Multiple Areas of Your Company: The Fastest Way to Engage Your Best Minds

Statoil's Energy Realities Competition

Facebook Open Academy: Real World Computer Science Experience for Students

Internal Innovation: Knowing Your People

A Role for the Crowd in the Future of Foreign Policy

Development, Aid & Challenges: Can it work?

Do Companies Fear Open Innovation?

Maximizing crowd engagement on male/female differences in Alzheimer's disease

Salesforce's $1 million Hackathon Prize Highlights Crowdsourcing's Value in App Development

Saving Money, Saving Lives: 3 Revolutionary Online Healthcare Communities Using Crowdsourcing

InnoCentive at FT Innovate 2013

Why Look for Crowdsourced Solutions?

Lego: Building On Open Innovation Brick By Brick

Serendipity in Innovation: Pure Chance or Can it be Encouraged?

Samsung Repurposing Existing Technology Into Innovative New Products

Quick Guide to Internal Collaboration: 5 Useful Tools

Businesses Turning to Crowdsourcing to Better Understand Customers

Monthly Recap: 5 of the Most Innovative Things from October

A New Competition – Fostering Collaboration

How to Achieve 10x ROI on Your Internal Collaboration

10 Companies That Are Innovating How They Innovate

Why Embracing Failure can Fuel Innovation

Seeker Spotlight: NPKUA

Change the world with your spare hour on Sunday

Samsung is Fueling its Future with Open Innovation

A Guide to Crowdsourcing Your Workforce

Crowdsourcing: 3 Best Practices

Diversity & Innovation

5 Examples of Failure that Resulted in Innovation

Crowdsourcing in the World of Marketing

5 ‘Unsolved Problems’ That Have Now Been Solved and the Stories Behind Them

Crowdsourcing in the Product Development World

Why Crowdsourcing is the Next Cloud Computing

Today's Corporations are Embracing Crowdsourcing

Winners Announced in 2013 Rail Customer Experience Competition

The Power of Big Data for SMB's

The Connection Between Open Innovation Culture and the Beatles

GE Ecomagination Challenge: More than Just Challenge Driven Innovation in Action

Lion's Den Challenge Launch & Case Study

I'm a Solver: Madhavi Muranjan

I'm a Solver: Nithin Thomas of SQR Systems

I’m a Solver: Chris Swan of CohesiveFT

A different kind of solver: Australian Social Enterprise Serval Project

Global Security Challenge 2013 Summit Summary & Winners Announced!

Seeker Spotlight: Scientists Without Borders

Global Graduate Entrepreneurs' Festival

Cultural Roadblocks to Innovation and Internal Collaboration

Global Security Challenge Complete Agenda Revealed

Global Security Challenge 2013 – Finalists Announced!

Is Ubuntu Crowdsourcing the Most Radical Smartphone Yet?

Seeker Spotlight: Eurapp

Seeker Spotlight: U.S. EPA & Cincinnati Innovates

Zen and Open Innovation

Open Innovation with Alpine SMEs in Lyon, France

Postcards from RoboCup 2013

How Foundations and Non-Profits are Utilizing Challenge and Prize Based Open Innovation

Why InnoCentive Seekers Should View Solvers as Consumers As Well As Innovators

Crowdsourcing as a New Way of Recruiting Talent

Seeker Spotlight: Enabling Innovation Team (EIT)

Are Challenges Just for Established Companies?

Innovation Culture: What We Learned from Our Webinar with Stefan Lindegaard

Seeker Spotlight: C5 Capital (Global Security Challenge)

Product Perspectives: Registration Updates

Product Perspectives: Challenge Activity Statistics Coming to a Challenge Near You

Event Digest: Front End of Innovation 2013

Seeker Spotlight: Thomson Reuters (Part 2)

Seeker Spotlight: Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs

I'm a Solver: Sitali Mushemi-Blake

Seeker Spotlight: Lumina Foundation

Seeker Spotlight: USAID & Humanity United – Tech Challenge For Atrocity Prevention

I'm a Solver: Adam Rivers

Seeker Spotlight: Neurofibromatosis Therapeutic Accelerations Program (NTAP) at Johns Hopkins

Seeker Spotlight: Thomson Reuters

I'm a Solver: Bogdan and Stephanie Yamkovenko

Happy New Year!

Seeker Spotlight: NASA

I'm a Solver: Torsten Hothorn

I'm a Solver: Lilly Fang

Seeker Spotlight: Mom’s Medical Mystery (Part 2)

Seeker Spotlight: Prize4Life

Seeker Spotlight: UNICEF Nicaragua

Seeker Spotlight: U.S. EPA & HHS - My Air, My Health Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: PXE International

Seeker Spotlight: Popular Science

Seeker Spotlight: Vestergaard Frandsen

I’m a Solver: Sumit Bhardwaj

Seeker Spotlight: U.S. Department of State

Seeker Spotlight: Mom’s Medical Mystery

Seeker Spotlight: AARP Foundation

Seeker Spotlight: Prize4Life

I'm a Solver: Ben Skowera

Seeker Spotlight: Sandler-Kenner Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer

I’m a Solver: Mike Cirella

Seeker Spotlight: Humanitarian Innovation Fund

I’m a Solver: Subhabrata Sen

Solver Alert: Please Participate in Our Study!

Seeker Spotlight: The Council

Emergent Authentication Challenge: Share Your Security Ideas

I'm a Solver: Manish M. Pande

Seeker Spotlight: 60° Pharmaceuticals

Seeker Spotlight: ACCION

Prize Venture: A New Way to Fund Challenges

Contribute to funding and share in the benefits of a smart sensor Challenge!

Congratulations to Benjamin Skowera, Winner of the Economist-InnoCentive Transparency Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: EMC

I'm a Solver: Sheeraj Pawar

The Profound Importance of Challenges: A Powerful Strategy Tool (Part 4 of 4)

The Priceless Prize - Unique Exposure for the Winner of The Economist-InnoCentive Smart Systems Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: Sandler-Kenner Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer

I'm a Solver: Agung Nuswantoro

Announcing InnoCentive Solver Search: Connecting the Solver Community

The Most Dangerous Strategy?

City of Boston Street Bump Challenge - Meet the Solvers

Introducing Brainstorm Challenges (Beta)

Morph My City Challenge

Crowdsourcing meets Crowdfunding to improve lives

InnoCentive Acquires OmniCompete

I'm a Solver: Gregg A. Micinilio

The Profound Importance of Challenges: A Better Way to Organize and Distribute Work (Part 3 of 4)

You Helped Change The World in 2011

Seeker Spotlight: Foundation for Prader-Willi Research

Rocket Mail? Shaving Robot? What Innovation Would You Like to See in 2012?

I'm a Solver: Adrian Perez

Seeker Spotlight: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Behind the scenes at InnoCentive

Upcoming Webinar - Harness the Global Talent Pool to Accelerate Innovation

The Profound Importance of Challenges: The Fundamental Unit of Problem Solving (Part 2 of 4)

I'm a Solver: Ivan Skachko

Seeker Spotlight: Consumer Electronics Association

Seeker Spotlight: Dr. Peter Salk and BeyondPolio

The Profound Importance of Challenges (Part 1 of 4)

Tips for Aspiring Connectors

It's Challenge Tuesday!

InnoCentive Grows to Provide New Opportunities for Seekers and Solvers

Using Open Innovation to Improve Open Innovation

Stepping on the Gas: Fighting the Urge to Back Away From Business Risks

What InnoCentive’s Recent Addition to GSA Means for Our Solvers

Don't Let a Good Idea Get Away!

Time is running out to help Popular Science educate the next generation of scientists!

I'm a Solver: Patrick Fuller

Seeker Spotlight: World Resources Institute (WRI)

Seeker Spotlight: Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics

InnoCentive Customer Prize4Life Wins a 2011 Spike Award

The InnoCentive Insider - How can Solvers get quick feedback on submissions?

Unlikely Innovation: InnoCentive's 2012 Video Challenge

I'm a Solver: Corinne Le Buhan

Seeker Spotlight: Life Technologies

Pictures of Tomorrow - One Click Could Change the World

What does an InnoCentive Solver look like?

Seeker Spotlight: JDRF

Free Download: The Open Innovation Marketplace, Chapter 6

I'm a Solver: Samuel Peña-Llopis

Crowdsourced Panel Picking

Introducing the Popular Science/InnoCentive Education Challenge

I'm a Connector: Ben Sikora

An Interview with The Open Innovation Marketplace Authors, Alph Bingham and Dwayne Spradlin

Learning by Solving: Real-world Challenge Solved by Undergrad Team at University of Ottawa

HHS is “Rising to the challenge!”

Flash of Genius - InnoCentive Founder Alph Bingham

Seeker Spotlight: Cleveland Clinic

Crowdsourcing Leaders Gather at Microsoft NERD

Deleted Scenes from The Open Innovation Marketplace

I'm a Solver - Daniel Castro

Solution Revealed: InnoCentive-Economist Healthcare Information Economy Challenge

How to project a local problem to a global audience

Seeker Spotlight: University of Melbourne

Notes from the Economist Ideas Economy Conference on Information

Exciting Updates for InnoCentive Solvers!

Open Innovation and Personal Fitness

What should we call ourselves?

InnoCentive and "The crowd factor"

Baking Diversity into Your Solutions

I'm a Solver - John Lucas

Seeker Spotlight: Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Solver Resources for Developing a Winning Solution

Musings about The Open Innovation Marketplace Webinar

How to get Diversity of Thought

Seeker Spotlight: City of Boston

Could Challenges be a powerful tool for teaching design skills?

Challenge Driven Innovation

I'm a Solver - Garima Kaul

The Economist's Entrepreneurship Challenge Winners

Interesting Innovation Survey Data Courtesy of HP

Open Innovation and the New Popular Science Pavilion

The Inventions Exhibit

You are Part of an Open Innovation Marketplace

Seeker Spotlight: World Resources Institute

New Book by InnoCentive Executives Unveils the Challenge Driven Enterprise

Seeker Spotlight: ITT Watermark

Learnings from the BP Oil Spill, Criteria for Activating InnoCentive’s Emergency Response 2.0 Pavilion, and the Japanese Nuclear Crisis

Seeker Spotlight: Air Force Research Lab

I'm A Solver – Jose Luis Susa Rincon

Notes from the Economist Ideas Economy Conference on Innovation

MassChallenge Global Startup Competition

Can Open Innovation Save the Planet?

The Novel Molecule Challenge

I’m A Solver - Mario Alejandro Rosato

InnoCentive Celebrates Climate Change Challenge Winner at The Economist’s Ideas Economy: Intelligent Infrastructure Conference

Reducing your carbon-footprint with a 420 square foot apartment

Experience of working on the Prodigy Challenge

Seeker Spotlight: Community Foundation of North Louisiana

Two Upcoming Ideas Economy Events: Intelligent Infrastructure and Innovation

I'm A Solver Horace Lee

We Heard You! New and Improved Novel Molecule Challenges

InnoCentive Founder's Blog - Mitigating the Swiss Cheese Factor in Molecular Libraries

Funding: Researching Outside the Box

America Competes Act – the US Government enables a fresh approach to innovation

2010 Year in Review

I'm a Solver - Yury Bodrov

The Power of Challenge-driven Innovation

Open Innovation and Strategic Sourcing

E&P coverage from Oil & Gas Symposium in Houston in November

The Effective Characteristics of Champions

A "Disruptive" Challenge for Business Students

Seeker Spotlight: Scientists Without Borders

I’m a Solver – Jason Harper

Technology transfer gets an edge

The Uniquely Prepared Mind!

I'm a Solver - Chris Wilmer

Refer a Friend. Earn a Bonus.

The Priceless Prize - SciFoo Invitation for the Winner of the Economist Carbon Capture Challenge

InnoCentive CTO's interview with CIO Magazine

Solver Strategy 2011-13: Please Contribute!

Another Way to Help Prize4Life Find a Cure for ALS

Seeker Spotlight: Museum of Science, Boston

Solution Revealed: Economist Ideas Economy Cyberschool Challenge Winner - Andrew Deonarine

Solution Revealed: Economist Ideas Economy Cyberschool Challenge Runner Up #1, Tristram Hewitt

Solution Revealed: Economist Ideas Economy Cyberschool Challenge Runner Up #2, Daniel Rasmus

I’m a Solver – Andrew Deonarine

External Challenges on

InnoCentive Joins The Economist at the Ideas Economy: Human Potential Conference

Seeker Spotlight: SENS Foundation

I'm a Solver - Abshar Rashid

Oil Spill Challenge “Solution Revealed” #7: The Freeze

Seeker Spotlight:

InnoCentive and the Forrester Groundswell Awards

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest # 11

Crowdsourcing: It's Not Just for Logos and Web Design

Special Offer for InnoCentive Solvers - 30% Discount on the Economist's Ideas Economy Event Registration

Solver Forum

New Look, Same InnoCentive

Seeker Spotlight: Chordoma Foundation

Early Learnings from the Oil Spill Crisis

Predictive Data Analysis - Maximize Your Potential with Prodigy

Oil Spill Challenge “Solution Revealed” #6: Baking Soda and Nylons

I’m a Solver – Fred Davis

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest # 10

New ER 2.0 Oil Spill Challenges Posted

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest # 9

Oil Spill Challenge “Solution Revealed” #5: The Magnetic Plug

Oil Spill Challenge “Solution Revealed” #4: Coconut Coir

Oil Spill Challenge “Solution Revealed” #3: The BubbleSquid

Introducing InnoCentive@Work 3 Our site is evolving!

Oil Spill Challenge "Solution Revealed" #2: Barge Barrier

Gulf Oil Spill: Engineering Approaches

InnoCentive Oil Spill Challenge - BP's Response

Bruce Hannon's Complexity Digest # 8

I’m a Solver – Ahmet Karabulut

The Brick Trick: An Interview With InnoCentive's Steven Shapiro

Oil Spill Challenge "Solution Revealed" #1: “Hypalon” containment

Still Gushing, Still Pushing

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest #7 Preview Program

InnoCentive CEO Dwayne Spradlin talks to Hardball's Chris Matthews about the oil spill

Emergency 2.0 Pavilion

The Economist-InnoCentive Challenge on 21st Century Cyber-Schools

Emergency Response 2.0 Solutions

John Dila says "Hello"

I'm a Solver - Sandip Bharate

Solutions 2.0

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest #6

Can crowdsourcing clean up an oil spill?

Congratulations Top Solvers!

Mapping the Challenge - You are Here!

The Management and Measurement of Innovation - Q&A with Chris Andrews of Forrester Research

New Challenge Center

Urgent: Emergency Response 2.0: Gulf Oil Spill

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest #5

Update on Leapfactor Challenge

I'm A Solver - Omar Parve

The Johnny Cash Project

Some Problems are Too Important to Leave to the Experts

The Next Generation of Innovation?

Bruce Hannon's Complexity Digest #4

The Rise of the Citizen Scientist

Mr. Reuben Goldberg, Calvin’s Dad and the Bubble

Special Opportunity for Non-Profit and Public Sector Organizations

InnoCentive Partners with The Economist

I'm a Solver - David Bradin

Open Innovation: A Systematic Approach to Defining the Challenge for a Winning Solution

Upcoming Webinar - New Tool for Computational and Bioinformatics Challenges

The New Normal

InnoCentive Challenges featured at International Environmental Engineering Event

Bruce Hannon’s Complexity Digest #3 – March Madness

Evaluating Solver Proposals

The InnoCentive Insider: New Challenge Offers Instant Feedback on Your Solution

InnoCentive Video Challenge WINNER!

Bruce Hannon's Complexity Digest #2 - Complexifications

Website Update

InnCentive 2010 Video Challenge Winners Announcement

New Initiative from InnoCentive Promotes Challenges for the Public Good

When Open Innovation is not a Tournament

A Thank you from ASSET India's Ray Umashankar

New InnoCentive Blog Feature: "Complexity" Digest, Issue #1

Send A Solver 2 Contest Winner

Design Revolution – The Amazing Emily Pilloton

InnoCentive CEO’s 2010 Innovation Prediction and Need for Bold Reform

I’m a Solver – Scott Fisher

Innovation on screen and the future of advertising – maybe?

Vote for ASSET India! Voting ends at midnight on January 22nd.

Vote for ASSET India!

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Sometimes Rocket Science isn’t Rocket Science

Seeker Spotlight: Precyse Technologies

Precyse Smart Agent and a keg of beer

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Vicky Hunt

Ulisses Giorgi (in English)

Ulisses Giorgi (em português)

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Thoughts from the CTO & Registration Redesign

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David H. Tracy

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