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Open Innovation Pioneer InnoCentive Celebrates 15 Years

NASA Partners with InnoCentive to Crowdsource Innovation Initiatives

InnoCentive Announces Debut of InnoCentive Idea Management

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development Launches $100,000 Prize Competition for Book-Writing Software

InnoCentive and Dow Chemical Launch Innovation Challenge to Drive Application for Oil-Soluble Polyalkylene Glycol Chemistry

$1 Million Prize Awarded for New Algorithm for Rapid Characterization of Pathogens

InnoCentive and Lumina Foundation Announce Winner of First Innovation Challenge

InnoCentive Solver Network Passes 300,000 Registered Members Milestone

InnoCentive Announces Launch of Water Sensor Challenge

InnoCentive Records Best First Quarter in Company History

InnoCentive and Lumina Foundation Launch Open Innovation Partnership to Increase Postsecondary Degree Attainment in America

The Scientific American Open Innovation Pavilion Launches with Innovation Challenges for Science and Technology Enthusiasts

AARP Foundation and InnoCentive Announce Winners of Two Challenges Aimed at Improving the Lives of Older Americans

InnoCentive and Scientific American Partner to Facilitate Open Innovation

Prize4Life Announces $50,000 ALS Prediction Prize Winners

InnoCentive Interview on the John Batchelor Show

EMC, EDF and InnoCentive Announce Winners of Eco-Challenge to Improve Tracking of E-Waste

InnoCentive and The Economist Launch Challenge to Create a Compelling “Elevator Pitch” for Disruptive Innovation

InnoCentive and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino Announce Winners in Challenge to Convert Big Data into Pothole Relief

InnoCentive and Prize4Life Launch Prize Competition to Unlock Mysteries of Disease Progression in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Patients

InnoCentive and The Economist Announce the Winner of a Challenge to Enhance Communities through Improvement of Public Utilities or Infrastructure

InnoCentive and the Humanitarian Innovation Fund Collaborate to Reduce the Health and Disease Risks Associated with Inadequate Waste Treatment

InnoCentive and the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council Collaborate to Drive Innovation among Minority Business Owners

ACCION Partners with InnoCentive to Increase Microloans to Small Businesses

InnoCentive Announces Enhanced Collaboration Tools for Problem Solvers

InnoCentive and The Economist Announce the Winner of a Challenge to Promote Transparency in Governments

InnoCentive and the Sandler-Kenner Foundation Join Forces to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

CEA, EDF and InnoCentive Announce Winners for Open Innovation Eco-Challenge to Tackle Leaded Glass from TVs, Monitors

InnoCentive, GlobalGiving, and Rockefeller Foundation Advance Open Innovation Solutions to World’s Water Challenges

InnoCentive Acquires OmniCompete Limited

InnoCentive and the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Collaborate to Advance Research in Childhood Obesity

InnoCentive and Booz Allen Hamilton Form Strategic Alliance

InnoCentive and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Partner to Improve Sanitary Conditions for Millions in Developing Countries

InnoCentive and BeyondPolio Launch Initiative to Help Support the Eradication of Polio in Low and Middle Income Countries

InnoCentive Becomes a GSA Schedule Contractor

InnoCentive and the Air Force Research Lab Announce Successful Completion of Initial Open Innovation Challenges

The Economist and InnoCentive Announce Human Potential Challenge Winner and Mark One-Year Anniversary of the Partnership

JDRF Partners with InnoCentive to Launch a Challenge for the Treatment of Diabetes

InnoCentive and Popular Science Partner to Stimulate Worldwide Interest in Science and Technology Innovation

InnoCentive and Cleveland Clinic Collaborate to Solve Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges

InnoCentive Extends International Reach with New Partnerships

InnoCentive and The Economist Announce the Winner of the Healthcare Information Economy Challenge

InnoCentive and The Economist Announce Winners in the Entrepreneurship Challenge

InnoCentive Partners with Life Technologies and Expands Its Grand Challenge Program

New Book by InnoCentive Executives Unveils the Challenge Driven Enterprise

Scientists Without Borders Awards USD10000 in Prizes for Maternal Health and Nutrition Challenge

InnoCentive and the United States Air Force Collaborate to Advance Innovation in Military Research

InnoCentive and Environmental Defense Fund Announce Eco-Challenge Series

The Economist and InnoCentive announce a winner in Reverse Climate Change Challenge

City Releases Prototype of Smart Phone App That Detects Potholes

InnoCentive and The Community Foundation of North Louisiana Launch Challenge to Create a Community of Successful Readers

InnoCentive Introduces Novel Molecule Challenge

InnoCentive Powers Toyota’s New “Ideas for Good” Initiative

Scientists Without Borders Challenge Offers 10,000USD for Solutions to Combat a Critical Consequence of Malnutrition

The Economist and InnoCentive announce Challenge to create a new business plan for Disruptive Innovation

InnoCentive Teams Up With a Foundation to Identify Extraordinary, Unorthodox Opportunities for Philanthropic Investment

InnoCentive and the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation Launch Challenge to Develop Healthcare Activist Community

InnoCentive and Museum of Science, Boston Launch New Challenge to Create the Next Great Large-Scale Science and Technology Exhibit

Mining the “wisdom of crowds” to attack disease

The Economist and InnoCentive issue Challenge to Reverse Climate Change

The Economist and InnoCentive announce a winner in the 21st Century Cyber-Schools Challenge

InnoCentive and SENS Foundation Seek Innovative Ideas to Help Reverse Age Related Illnesses

InnoCentive and The Chordoma Foundation Initiate Challenge Seeking Development of New Cell Lines for Research and Drug Testing

NASA Announces Winners of Space Life Sciences Open Innovation Competition

InnoCentive and IQT Establish Strategic Partnership

InnoCentive Announces Next Generation Crowdsourcing Platform

InnoCentive and NESTA Launch Challenge Seeking Innovative Solutions to Increase Parental Involvement in Young People’s Learning

InnoCentive Honors International Innovators as 2009 Top Solvers

InnoCentive Issues Call to Action for Innovative Solutions to Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

InnoCentive and Harvard Catalyst, Embrace Prize-based Innovation

InnoCentive, GlobalGiving and the Rockefeller Foundation Partner to Find Open Innovation Solutions to World’s Water Challenges

InnoCentive Expands Open Innovation Operations to Europe

InnoCentive and NASA Offer Global Community Opportunity to Advance U.S. Space Program

InnoCentive Posts First Challenge in the InnoCentive for Startups Program to Crowdsource New Business Opportunities

InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation Yields 74% ROI

InnoCentive Empowers Major U.S. Cities to Innovate through Crowdsourcing and Innovation Prizes

InnoCentive Announces Time Critical Challenge Offering

InnoCentive Secures $7.3 Million in Series B-2 Funding

The Rockefeller Foundation and InnoCentive Renew Partnership Linking Non-Profit Organizations to World-Class Scientific Thinkers

InnoCentive Announces InnoCentive@Work

InnoCentive Solvers Make a Difference in Rural Africa and India

InnoCentive Solver Develops Solution to Help Clean Up Remaining Oil From the 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster