Michael Franklin

Program Manager, Client Services. Michael works out of the InnoCentive London office as a Program Manager. Michael has been involved in managing InnoCentive Challenges ranging all the way from developing new therapeutic approaches for treating diabetic nephropathy to identifying and showcasing social ventures in the higher education space. Outside of the office, he’ll either be on a hockey pitch somewhere in the South of England, or in the library studying for his Masters degree.

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Motivated by More than Money: Why Solvers Solve

Posted by Michael Franklin on Oct 24, 2016 8:44:07 AM

As open innovation has developed over the past two decades, numerous academic studies, newspaper articles and blog posts have covered the motivating factors for sponsors of crowdsourcing programmes: innovate faster, connect with new experts, access diverse minds and elicit ground-breaking solutions. However, significantly fewer words have been devoted to the arguably more important side of the equation; the motivating factors for Solvers. Why do people enter Challenges? Commit their time towards tackling difficult problems for organisations? Send solutions across the internet when they can see they’re competing against many other similarly talented individuals?  

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Open Innovation: An Event or System?

Posted by Michael Franklin on Sep 23, 2016 10:24:18 AM

Open innovation has its history in point solutions – one specific issue was placed to a crowd and one specific solution was sought. This framework certainly still has validity today, but as methodologies have improved and tech platforms developed, open innovation for some has moved beyond this singular event. Instead it can represent a system; a repeatable framework that has intrinsic importance to the innovation methodology of an organisation. So how does open innovation move from unique and occasional events to perennial and habitual systems?

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Crystallised Challenges – Some Favorites From Our Fifteen Years

Posted by Michael Franklin on Aug 24, 2016 6:53:00 AM

Starting as a brainwave in 1998, InnoCentive spent three years being scoped, explored and tested whilst within the walls of pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly. InnoCentive became an official entity in 2001 and during the intervening fifteen years has posted over 2,000 Challenges and awarded nearly $20million. To mark our 15th birthday we look back at notable successes, celebrate the impact Challenges have made, and most importantly acknowledge our excellent Solvers whose ground-breaking ideas have been given the opportunity to flourish through the Challenge Driven Innovation model.

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