Four Challenges Completed in Elanco’s Grand Challenge Program

Posted by Catherine Covington on Jan 11, 2017 12:12:12 AM

The first four Challenges in Elanco’s Alternatives to Animal Antibiotics Grand Challenge Program have now closed, resulting in a combined total of over 550 project rooms and over 100 submissions. One of these Challenges has been withdrawn, while the other three are currently being evaluated by the Elanco team.

The first two Challenges launched in September 2016, Prevention & Control of Steptococcus suis Infections in Swine and Prevention & Control of Mastitis in Cattle, while Prevention, Treatment, or Control of Necrotic Enteritis in Poultry launched in October and Liver Abscess Formation in Cattle launched in November.

Elanco have recently launched two more Challenges, which are now open on our site and accepting solution proposals:

Prevention & Control of Enteropathy/Ileitis in Swine:

Proliferative enteropathy, commonly known as “ileitis” is the most common enteric disease in pigs. For their 5th Grand Challenge, Elanco desires novel approaches for the prevention, treatment, or control of proliferative enteropathy in swine. The deadline to submit is January 15, 2017.

Coccidiosis Prevention and Control in Poultry:

The poultry industry sustains significant losses each year due to coccidiosis. Young birds are especially vulnerable to pathogenic infections as it takes several months for their immune systems to mature after birth. Elanco is searching for novel approaches to prevent, treat, or control coccidiosis in poultry. The deadline to submit your solution proposal is January 29, 2017.

Please visit the Elanco Pavilion to learn more about their One Health initiative and Grand Challenge Program as well as their currently open Challenges. You can read more about Elanco’s partnership with InnoCentive for this Program in our Seeker Spotlight article.

About Elanco

Elanco, a division of Eli Lilly and Company, provides comprehensive products and knowledge services to improve animal health and food-animal production in more than 70 countries around the world. With a global presence of approximately 6,500 people and offices in more than 40 countries, Elanco anticipates, serves and supports the diverse and evolving needs of its customers--from veterinarians to food producers to all those concerned with animal health--to help them address the challenges of a diverse and changing world. Together with our customers, we are committed to raising awareness about global food security, and celebrating and supporting the human-animal bond. Additional information about Elanco is available at, or follow us @Elanco.


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