InnoCentive and DTEK Partner to Bring New Energy Solutions and Technology Through Open Innovation

Posted by InnoCentive on May 14, 2019 4:55:00 AM

London, May 14th, 2019 Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer at DTEK, a strategic holding company and Ukraine’s largest energy holding, and Alph Bingham, President and Chairman of InnoCentive, the open innovation and crowdsourcing company, announced the signing of a new agreement that will leverage global crowdsourcing networks to create new and innovative solutions in support of DTEK’s energy and sustainability initiatives.

The agreement will focus on creating structured Challenges using InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation MethodologyTM (CDI). These Challenges will be presented to InnoCentive’s global base of more than 400,000 expert Solvers, who will propose solutions to support DTEK’s innovation efforts in the areas of coal mining, electricity generation and distribution, alternative energy, and gas production assets, all with the goal of creating better energy resources and maintaining DTEK’s leading positions in the fuel and energy market of Ukraine.

“We are delighted to join InnoCentive ecosystem and today we are setting a milestone for DTEK and Ukraine as well,” commented Emanuele Volpe, “by adding to 70,000 DTEK employees more than 400,000 expert Solvers that will boost the solution of our challenges in a view of an open innovation approach.”

“We are honored to partner with DTEK as they pursue building a culture of open innovation, create a better technological ecosystem and develop new solutions using the global crowd,’ said Alph Bingham. “Their dedication to new and innovative solutions makes them an ideal partner for InnoCentive and a prime candidate for our CDI Methodology. We are excited to help DTEK bring new solutions to the global energy marketplace.”

DTEK and InnoCentive will begin immediately creating a series of Challenges that will be open for solution submissions in the near future.

DТЕК is the largest private investor in Ukraine’s energy sector. DTEK Group produces coal and natural gas, generates electricity at the thermal, solar and wind power plants, distributes electricity, supplies electricity to end consumers, provides energy efficient solutions and develops a network of EV charging stations. Innovation DTEK is in charge of projects related to technological and digital transformations in the energy sector, and manages Academy DTEK, the innovative educational business platform. In 2018, DTEK’s capital investments totalled UAH 20 bln and the company paid UAH 26 bln of taxes. DTEK employs 70 thousand people. The company is 100% owned by SCM Limited.

InnoCentive is a leading open innovation and crowdsourcing company that partners with Fortune 1000 companies, government entities, and non-profit organizations to develop solutions to their business, scientific, and technical issues. InnoCentive has a long history of energy related challenges on behalf of many commercial, governmental and non-profit organizations. Since its inception in 2001, InnoCentive has leveraged its Challenge Driven Innovation methodology and purpose-built platform to crowdsource solutions on over 2,400 external Challenges from a growing global network of 400,000 problem solvers that spans nearly 200 countries. InnoCentive’s full-service CDI solution includes consulting, challenge design, training, and program management services to help organizations cultivate innovative solutions.

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