InnoCentive Partners with bauma Open Innovation to Solve Challenges in the Construction Industry

Posted by Jane Amero on Jul 31, 2017 11:29:22 AM

With the launch of the second Challenge on the bauma Open Innovation (OI) platform, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight this exciting collaboration!  bauma is the leading trade fair for the construction and construction machinery industry and the world's largest trade show. The bauma Open Innovation initiative aims to extend the bauma experience for their exhibitors and attendees beyond the trade show, providing opportunities throughout the year for Solvers to tackle industry leaders’ problems, and connecting Seekers with innovative minds around the world. 


bauma is taking InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven Innovation methodology to new audiences, furthering our mission to change the way the world innovates by connecting organizations with diverse sources of innovation. Through their trade shows, bauma has developed a vast network of industry leaders and experts that will act as Seekers and Solvers for new Challenges specifically focused on the construction industry. As the Challenges are open to all, this will further augment InnoCentive’s already sizeable Solver network. The bauma OI platform is being powered by InnoCentive and we are providing our experience and expertise in Challenge design, Solver support and IP transfer and licensing.   

The latest Challenge posted to the bauma OI platform is a Theoretical IP-Transfer Challenge, Robust Proximity Sensor, with an award amount of $25,000.  This Challenge is seeking a technology that can detect the close proximity of a human and be robust against outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, dust, etc.  Further details can be found here.

While these Challenges are hosted on the bauma OI platform, the experience is akin to that of the InnoCentive platform.  Challenges are structured similarly, consist of our standard Challenge Types of Ideation, Theoretical, RTP, and eRFP, and are conducted under the Challenge Specific Agreements used on  Only InnoCentive and the Seeker have access to solutions.  InnoCentive Solvers who registered for the first bauma OI Challenge, Cordless Power Supply at a Hoist System, found it to be an enjoyable experience and are eager to participate in future Challenges on the platform.

Register to submit your solution to this current Challenge, and to learn about upcoming Challenges in the construction industry and beyond!

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