The Ins and Outs of Challenge Brokering; A Perspective From the Inside

Posted by Lisa Reinhold on Jun 27, 2008 2:56:52 PM

I recently received this piece from Gabriel Eichler, one of our Client Services team members, and I wanted to share it with you all. He goes into detail on the important role that InnoCentive plays as a broker between the Seeker and you the Solver:

As most of our clients and members of our community already know, InnoCentive plays an important role in brokering Open Innovation interactions between Seeker organizations and you, our network of talented Solvers. Brokering such transactions is difficult since InnoCentive serves as a two-way firewall between the Seeker organization and Solver by keeping all parties anonymous throughout the process while simultaneously ensuring the integrity of the interaction. It occurred to me, however, that since most individuals interact with InnoCentive as either a Seeker or a Solver (and rarely both), they are unfamiliar with the actions undertaken by InnoCentive’s Client Services Team on behalf of both parties. To improve the understanding of both our Seekers and Solvers, I’ve dedicated this blog entry to a brief discussion on how InnoCentive’s Client Services Team supports these innovation interactions.

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Challenges That Matter

Posted by Liz Moise on Jun 17, 2008 12:32:20 PM

Many of you have told us that you got involved with InnoCentive because you wanted to work on problems that matter. We just posted a video on our YouTube Channel about an inspiring new Challenge from the Barr Foundation and Cambridge Energy Alliance. Their goal is to improve energy efficiency in room air-conditioners, and in turn reduce peak electricity demand in the city of Cambridge, MA (USA). This solution could have a global impact in the reduction of fuel usage if it is replicated in other cities and countries, and we are very proud to team up with the Cambridge Energy Alliance to help address this problem. Check out the Challenge here. The video is below:

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2008 Video Challenge Winners

Posted by Beth Perkins on Jun 13, 2008 10:44:14 AM

We posted our own crowdsourcing Challenge in November asking our Solver community to develop 30-90 second marketing videos to promote InnoCentive and the benefits of being a Solver. The response was great - we had over 450 Project Rooms on this one Challenge. All the submissions were really good, and narrowing it down to the final seven was tough, but we did that in March and asked the Solver community to vote on their favorite. We here at InnoCentive also voted for our favorite. The two winning Solvers each will receive $5000.

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Topics: Innovation Insights, Challenges

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