Pharma, Digital Technology and Patient Centricity

Posted by Graham Buchanan on Jul 27, 2017 12:01:18 PM

 Last week the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions released its report on ‘Pharma and the connected patient: How digital technology is enabling patient centricity’. The report explores the “transformation of healthcare from a provider-driven marketplace to a patient-centric health ecosystem”. It looks at the drivers, the challenges involved and the role of digital technologies in a successful transition. 

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How Crowdsourcing Can Advance Drug Development

Posted by Graham Buchanan on May 2, 2017 9:36:13 AM

Pharmaceutical companies have to constantly develop new drugs to stay ahead of the competition. Whilst the drugs created every year are innovative, the processes for developing them are often not. The result is that drug development frequently ends up being time-consuming, costly and unproductive. Can an approach such as “crowdsourcing” remedy these drawbacks?

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Why General Fusion Sought the Power of the Crowd to Solve Three Key Problems

Posted by Graham Buchanan on Mar 8, 2017 6:53:27 AM

Last month, Siobhan Gibney Gomis of InnoCentive hosted Brendan Cassidy, Open Innovation Manager of General Fusion in a live webinar to discuss how General Fusion have benefitted from using InnoCentive’s crowdsourcing model to solve three of their key problems.

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Topics: Innovation Insights

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